Kraków Hostels

Hostel Kubik

Located just minutes from Krakow’s Central Business District, Hostel Kubik strives to offer the best accommodation possible to visitors coming to this important Polish city. More Info

Shishkin Art Hostel

What places this hostel a bar above its competitors is its location. Shishkin Art Hostel

Cracow Hostel

The common area has a large TV, magazines, book and newspapers that guests can get engrossed in while relaxing at the end of a tough day.

Red Sails Hostel

Adding to the list of what to see is the National Museum of Krakow and you had better get here if you want to learn the past and present of Krakow. Book Now

Chilli Hostel

In summary, the Chilli Hostel has extremely friendly staffs ready to do your bidding at any time, and the rooms are very clean and look really good. Continue